Ancillary Justice

Once, Breq was the Justice of Toren – a gargantuan Radchaai warship equipped with an AI mind and in control of thousands of empty human bodies called ancillaries, deployed by the Lord of Radch to colonize the galaxy in the name of civilisation. Now, Breq is trapped inside one sole body, her single remaining ancillary, struggling with her identity and attempting to learn how to live as human in a human body while plotting her revenge against those who betrayed and condemned her to her fate.

Nu finns min recension av Ann Leckies roman Ancillary Justice uppe på English Bookshop-bloggen.

Kul grej – romanen utspelar sig i en värld som inte gör åtskillnad på kön och bara använder sig av ett enda pronomen, men på andra planeter finns motsvarigheten till hen-motståndarna:

She blinked, hesitated for a moment as if what I’d said made no sense to her. ”I used to wonder how Radchaai reproduced, if they were all the same gender.”

”They’re not. And they reproduce like anyone else.” Strigan raised one skeptical eyebrow. ”They go to the medic,” I continued, ”and have their contraceptive implants deactivated. Or they use a tank. Or they have surgery so they can carry a pregnancy. Or they hire someone to carry it.”

Jag vill flytta till Radch, tack.


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