”She was the light of the world”

Before Hild’s birth her mother, Berguswith, dreamt of her child being a great jewel shining light over the world and Hild learns from an early age that she is, as her mother explains to her, the light of the world. Berguswith teaches Hild to be ever watchful and attentive, in order to be able read and understand people and to understand what is happening in the world around her. After she has been widowed and her children orphaned, Berguswith places her daughter in King Edwin’s court, making her his seer. The young Hild uses her knowledge of the world and people to prophesy everything from weather to victories for him, securing her own and her family’s safety and future.”

Min recension av Nicola Griffiths senaste roman Hild finns nu att läsa på Uppsala English Bookshop-bloggen.


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