Adoara, a marine biologist, Anthony, a famous rapper, and Agu, a soldier who’s gotten into trouble for not condoning a superior sexually assaulting a civilian, all met on Lagos’ Bar Beach when the aliens arrive on earth. The three of them are weighted down by their own personal problems, but those have to be laid aside as they are pulled under by a tidal wave and spat back out together with an extra-terrestrial being named Ayodele. Lagos is already in a state of great upheaval and the presence of the alien guests, once the fact leaks out, does not help matters. Regardless what happens, nothing will ever be the same again.

My recension av Nnedi Okorafors nya roman Lagoon finns nu uppe på Uppsala English Bookshop-bloggen.

”She was the light of the world”

Before Hild’s birth her mother, Berguswith, dreamt of her child being a great jewel shining light over the world and Hild learns from an early age that she is, as her mother explains to her, the light of the world. Berguswith teaches Hild to be ever watchful and attentive, in order to be able read and understand people and to understand what is happening in the world around her. After she has been widowed and her children orphaned, Berguswith places her daughter in King Edwin’s court, making her his seer. The young Hild uses her knowledge of the world and people to prophesy everything from weather to victories for him, securing her own and her family’s safety and future.”

Min recension av Nicola Griffiths senaste roman Hild finns nu att läsa på Uppsala English Bookshop-bloggen.

Ancillary Justice

Once, Breq was the Justice of Toren – a gargantuan Radchaai warship equipped with an AI mind and in control of thousands of empty human bodies called ancillaries, deployed by the Lord of Radch to colonize the galaxy in the name of civilisation. Now, Breq is trapped inside one sole body, her single remaining ancillary, struggling with her identity and attempting to learn how to live as human in a human body while plotting her revenge against those who betrayed and condemned her to her fate.

Nu finns min recension av Ann Leckies roman Ancillary Justice uppe på English Bookshop-bloggen.

Kul grej – romanen utspelar sig i en värld som inte gör åtskillnad på kön och bara använder sig av ett enda pronomen, men på andra planeter finns motsvarigheten till hen-motståndarna:

She blinked, hesitated for a moment as if what I’d said made no sense to her. ”I used to wonder how Radchaai reproduced, if they were all the same gender.”

”They’re not. And they reproduce like anyone else.” Strigan raised one skeptical eyebrow. ”They go to the medic,” I continued, ”and have their contraceptive implants deactivated. Or they use a tank. Or they have surgery so they can carry a pregnancy. Or they hire someone to carry it.”

Jag vill flytta till Radch, tack.

The Shining Girls och Uppsala English Bookshop

”Jinsuk. Zora. Willie. Kirby. Margo. Julia. Catherine. Alice. Misha. Nine female names written on the bedroom wall in a house outside of time. Nine shining girls Harper Curtis is compelled to kill. One young woman, scarred from wounds she should not have been able to survive, hunting a murderer who cannot be real.”

I mitt inlägg om min juniläsning utlovade jag en recension av The Shining Girls av Lauren Beukes, och nu den ligger uppe på Uppsala English Bookshops blogg, så gå dit och läs!

Jag kommer med andra ord joina Åka från Landet Annien som redan bloggat om fantastiklitteratur för Uppsala English Bookshop ett tag och emellanåt posta lite recensioner även där.

En kan ju trots allt inte ha för många ställen att blogga på.